The veggie patch is expanding

We’ve decided to convert approximately 1/3 of our backyard to veggie patches. We’re not the best gardeners in the world, but we’re keen to get better. I’m not sure of the best way to remove the grass without losing the topsoil, so we have an experiment in progress.

I’ve turned the soil with the garden fork and I have erected a temporary fence around the section to keep the chooks in. I’m hoping that they will scratch around and loosen the grass up. Eyebrows were raised at the creative use of the garden fork in place of a star picket, but it does the job.

I’ll give them a few days and see how it goes. If it looks like its bothering the girls or just not working, I’ll pull the fence down again. At the very worst, the new beds will get some extra manure.

I would love to get a greenhouse in somewhere, but I’m just not sure where it will fit. Yet.